Electronic gadgets

Electronic gadgets

A promotional item that bears our logo is an excellent advertising tool to differentiate yourself from the competition. A gadget can be original, functional, comfortable or simply beautiful. It can be linked to a holiday, an event, a celebration. It is certainly an economical and effective solution to get noticed, especially if it comes used daily or if it performs a particular function useful for us.

In an increasingly connected world, we at Gadget Plus understand the importance of having an innovative promotional item available, whatever it is able to amuse and entertain,or at least, simplify our life.

Among all the personalized electronic gadgets, the most popular is certainly the USB key. The need to carry data, store it securely and make it instantly available on any device it has become our daily necessity. Our USB sticks are tested, guaranteed and are customized directly at the manufacturer, to ensure maximum safety and compatibility. In the large catalog you will find the right article for you, being able to choose the design – over 50 models – the capacity – from 1 to 500 GB, the material, the color, the shape.

In addition to USB sticks, you will find in our catalogsa wide choice of accessories for pc or smartphone such as mouse pads, LED batteries, torches and the increasingly necessary Power Banks. All, of course, customizable!

Our products are compliant with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 standards. Faster, more environmentally friendly and certified CE, FCC (required in the USA), REACH e RoHS.

Our certifications are issued by SGS, an international institute based in Geneva, a world leader in the inspection, verification, control and certification of production processes on electronic products.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, the Gadget Plus creative team will be able to guide you towards onewinning strategy and in the tailor-made choice for you! Our most successful products include:

  • USB keys and memories
  • Mouse, Mouse pads
  • Computer accessories
  • Led batteries and power banks


Get inspired and PROMOTE your BRAND!

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